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Trading in your bicycle

Trading in your bicycle

Trade-in musts:

  • Your trade-in must be no more than 15 years old
  • Your trade-in must be of bicycle shop quality (a brand that is currently being sold in bicycle shops, though not necessarily a brand we carry - e.g. Specialized, Trek, Giant, Marin, Fuji, Bianchi etc.)
  • Your trade in must be an adult bike
  • Your trade-in must be multi-geared (we do not accept single speed bikes for trade-in value)
  • Your trade-in must be in at least 'good' condition - no dents, only mild scratching or abrasions, operates normally

Trade-in value - How we determine the value of your trade-in:

  • We assess your bike's blue-book value based on the model, year and condition, then subtract our mandatory service time cost for trade-ins and any replacement part values (new chains are mandatory and new brake pads/cabling are often needed)
  • We can sometimes give a quote while you wait, but please be prepared to leave your bike for 24 hours in order for us to determine your trade-in value

Bicycles we can not accept:

  • Youth bikes (unless your bicycle was purchased with us under our 'Grow with Us' program)
  • Single speed bikes (bikes without multiple gears)
  • Department store bikes (any bike purchased at a 'big box' chain or online)
  • Bikes that can not currently perform normal bicycle functions (if it can't be ridden, we can't accept it)
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