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The New Touring Cyclist

Service - Signature Tune-Up

Service - Signature Tune-Up

Wanna get your bike rolling like new? This is the one! 

And remember, with our signature tune, any external components like pedals, chains or derailleurs are installed at no extra labor charge!

Here's what you get:

  • Wipe down of entire bicycle
  • Chain and cables are cleaned and lubricated
  • Wheels are removed; hubs are serviced and wheels are tensioned and trued
  • Drive train is fully adjusted and aligned; pivot points are lubed
  • Brakes are aligned and adjusted; disc brake rotors are trued if applicable
  • All bearing assemblies are inspected and adjusted
  • Bolt check over entire bike
  • Bike type specific components are tested and inspected (i.e suspension forks, dropper posts)
  • Bicycle is double-checked and test ridden by a second mechanic for a full-proof ride!
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